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Orbit Heavy-Duty Travelling Tractor
$89 inc GST!

This heavy-duty travelling irrigator is ideal for watering large lawns. Simply lay your hose out and the tractor will follow the track. It comes with a shut-off ramp, which you place at the end of the run to stop the tractor automatically.

All you need to move the tractor is water pressure, so we recommend using a 19mm (¾") hose to provide both higher pressure and to help prevent the tractor from "skipping" over the track.


  • Ideal for large lawn areas
  • Capable of travelling along 60 metres of hose
  • Adjustable 2 speed gearbox for greater control
  • Adjustable arms to vary wetted width (4.5 - 16.8 metres) and control travel speed
  • Capable of 960m2 coverage
  • Complete with auto-off (True water stop) ramp which can be placed at any point along the hose

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Product List Price Special Price
Grundfos JPRain 2 PM $564.30 $399.00
Bianco Bia-TechG60MPCX 450w Pressure Pump $372.90 $250.00
Onga 413 Hi-Flo Centrifugal Pump $379.50 $220.00
GWS All-Weather™ 24L Pressure Tank $155.10 $96.80
Orbit PocketStar Plus Controller $85.82 $45.67
Orbit Heavy-Duty Travelling Sprinkler $173.03 $89.00
Claritec 10000 Pressure Filter $277.20 $169.99
Claritec 10000 UV Pressure Filter $412.50 $258.01
Claritec 15000 Pressure Filter $349.80 $196.00
*Prices include GST
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