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Welcome to the new Irrigation Shop website. Here you will find all you need regarding our products, news and all other information regarding the Irrigation Shop. Good news for Trade users…
Water Restrictions
Good news! Water restrictions have been relaxed and we can now use town water for irrigation…
29 Moss St, Slacks Creek  Qld 4127. Ph: 07 3808 3611
The expert advice is free!

Whether it's an irrigation system for your back yard or your back paddock; or a sprinkler system for your front garden or the front nine at a golf course, The Irrigation Shop will help you, from the planning, right through to installation!

... which is why we count:

  • Brisbane City Council
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Logan City Council
  • Maroochydore City Council
  • Burnie City Council (Tasmania)
  • JJ Richards (construction)
  • Sandgate Golf Club
  • Virginia Golf Club
  • A number of Mining companies
  • Agricultural farmers
  • Hobby farmers
  • Fish farmers
  • Nurseries
  • Plumbers
  • And thousands of homeowners

among our long list of satisfied and current clients.

Even Bunnings come to us for supplies of irrigation and specialty items!

When you walk into our huge irrigation and pump showroom—you'll soon learn that if it has anything to do with water, The Irrigation Shop has it.

Wander around! Consider the possibilities!

Our range includes everything from the cheapest and most basic poly, nylon and PVC fittings for your most simple, one-off jobs; through to the most complex, sophisticated pumps and irrigation and pumping systems for those heavy-duty, industrial applications incorporating long-lasting brass, stainless steel and galvanised components.

... and if it's ideas you're looking for, you'll find a mountain of those as well; with expert assistants to guide and advise you.

You see, the staff at The Irrigation Shop are the experts! We can advise you on anything you need in the way of irrigation and water solutions; and we can provide you with the most suitable, up-to-date solutions to your problems.

Here are just a couple of examples of what we have done for past clients...

  1. When the Storey Bridge in Brisbane needed to be sandblasted, they came to us for advice. They needed to pump sand at a certain pressure through a fixed diameter pipe in order to achieve the desired result.

    We were able to advise them of the equipment they required, the design of the apparatus and the best way to go about it. Problem solved, job done!

  2. On a much smaller scale, we have designed and supplied irrigation systems for all manner of agricultural applications.

When you come to us, we draw up a plan, determine the best fittings and equipment to do the job cost-effectively, and then work out a price to do it.

We do all this for free, because we know that our prices are competitive, and our service and advice is second to none!

When you decide to go ahead, we supply all of the components, build the system and then arrange for the installation—or you can take it away and do it all yourself. Your choice!

The Irrigation Shop has been supplying irrigation fittings, pumps, tanks and hoses for over 20 years, to domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients; as well as hundreds of tradesmen and industry consultants.

Our clients keep coming back, because they know our pricing is competitive, and they soon learn that we have their best interests at heart.

If we sell it to you, we will also service it for you!

This is to make sure you remain a satisfied customer... over and over and over again!

And we'll design it all for free!

For all your pumps, hoses, taps, tanks and fittings, The Irrigation Shop has a range of products from the very basic budget items, through to the very best quality, heavy-duty pumps and equipment. We have a product to suit your application and your budget, so why pay more if we can determine a simple, inexpensive solution for your situation.

If you have a more complicated requirement, then we have the experience to advise you on what is required for you to do the job properly. We recommend the most appropriate solutions to meet your requirements, then tell you why we have selected the options we are recommending. It's important that you know.

The Irrigation Shop has been in business for a long time. Over 20 years in fact. We have become the irrigation super-store—based entirely on our range, our reputation and our dedication to servicing our client's best interests!

Irrespective of whether you are pumping, water, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or petrol... if you can pump it, we can provide the equipment to do it...along with all of the fittings you will need to do the job properly and economically.

Ring us to discuss your particular situation. Often times your initial questions can be answered over the phone—for free!

We're happy to help you this way, because we know, when it comes time for you to commit to a purchase, you are going to select The Irrigation Shop because of our expert knowledge, our vast experience and our expertise in all matters dealing with the supply and distribution of water and other liquid products.

Give us a call. We have trained specialists waiting to talk with you. The best solution for your situation may still be outside of your current thinking.

Ring us now. Ph 3808 3611 and speak with the experts.

Service is our business and we look forward to offering you our best prices, our best solutions and our best recommendations.

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